The umbrella project ROCKFLUID (2011/13-2014/15) is the outcome of a residency at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Experimental Psychology (awarded with two Grant of the Arts,  Arts Council of England, and Escalator Visual Art Retreat at Wysing Arts Centre,  Escalator live art, Colchester Arts Centre).  Adopting an interdisciplinary and dialogic approach for the investigation of memory and place in the present of the exchange with those involved, as impacting on identity formation. It has supported debates, workshops, round tables and symposia also to inform artistic interventions. These have included such works as the participatory live installation Spa(e)cious (Wysing Art Centre, Galleria Artra Milan,  MK gallery Milton Keynes,  Philosophy and performance group,  performance Studies international and Kingston University Art Research Unit, Bergamo Scienza); ‘views form above’ (Institute of Astronomy,  Cambridge); L’elastico (Ruskin Gallery,  MK Gallery,  2012); the public art/sculptural installations Navigation Diagrams (MK Gallery); U’ Verruzze’  (part of Radio Materiality, curators Vessel, Bari, Athens Biennale 2013) and Balancing (solo show at Doppelgaenger Gallery Bari, Italy, 2014); lived dialectics: movement and rest (Q2, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Austria, 2016). The most recent work Seeds of Attachment addresses issues of identity in relation to place attachment and motherhood and will be exhibited at New Hall Collection Cambridge.

Interdisciplinary collaborations with: Lisa Saksida (Cambridge University),  Ayla Humphrey (NHS Peterborough and Foundation Trust), Caterina Albano (University of the Arts London), Paul Connerton (University of Cambridge), David Seamon (Kansas State University), Helena Blaker (London), Vessel (Bari), Pam Burnard (University of Cambridge), Simon Wright (MK Gallery); Gulsen Bal, Director OpenSystems (Austria/Turkey), Walter Seild, Erste Group Curator of the Art Collection (Austria), Bronac Ferran (UK), Elionor Morgan (UK), Helena Blaker (UK), Rebecca Beinart (UK), Ian Nesbitt (UK),  Cristina Bogdan, Director ODD (Romania, France),  Aid&Abet, ELAN (UK),  Alana Jelinek, University of Cambridge (UK/Australia), London Fieldworks, OUTLANDIA (UK), Bram Thomas Arnold (UK), Ian Hunter, Littoral Arts Trust, the Merz Barn (UK), Anna Santomauro Vessel (Italy/UK), Annalisa Cattani, Novella Guerra, (Italy), Julian Klein, Director of !KF director and Editor of Journal for Artistic Research (Germany), Gianluca Codeghini (Italy), Aurelio Andrighetto (Italy), Helga Franza and Silvia Hell (Italy),

and growing…

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