20 October 2017, 4-7 pm

New Hall Collection at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge

is part of the Festival of Ideas in Cambridge

The round table chaired by New Hall Curator Eliza Gluckman, with artist Elena Cologni, author Susan Buckingham and curator Anna Santomauro positions motherhood in relation to ecofeminism, ‘deep’ environmentalism, the caring role devalued in neo-liberal societies, to discuss the space between us, inter-corporeal space, micropolitics and haptic communication. The event expands on some of the questions explored by Cologni in the project ‘Seeds of Attachment‘. While this set out to investigate the emotional, psycho-geographical condition of motherhood, it also highlighted the crucial role of non-linguistic forms of dialogue at the core of processes of identity construction, and in relation to place. Cologni developed a dialogic and nomadic sculpture inspired by the Mosaic test box by Margaret Lowenfeld and related Test book (1938) (Lowenfeld Library, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge).

Cologni’s work and the original Lowenfeld’s box are on display between the 16th of October and the 10th of November.

‘Seeds of Attachment’ is funded by Arts Council England, supported by Art Language Location, Anglia Ruskin University and New Hall Collection, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, Eleanor Glanville Research Centre, University of Lincoln. It was developed as part of a residency at Lowenfeld Library, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge.